Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Seeking Spiritual Solace

Seeking Spiritual Solace
Forge memorable moments and add something truly special to any occasion with a traditional monk blessing in Song Saa Private Island’s sumptuous surroundings.

The soothing sound of chanting dances with the breeze as three monks deliver a blessing beneath an elegant gazebo on the edge of Song Saa Private Island’s infinity pool. The sweet scent of incense envelops the monks, their saffron robes sitting in stark contrast to the backdrop of the Gulf of Thailand’s azure waters and the gentle rise and fall of adjacent Koh Rong island’s lush hills.

An elder monk flanked by two youngers sit facing two guests wrapped in sarongs. As they chant prayers in Pali, the guests are sprinkled with holy water before being showered with fragrant jasmine and lotus petals. Red string is then tied around their wrists – all elements of a traditional Buddhist ceremony that serve to cleanse, protect and provide happiness and prosperity.

“The idea of the blessing is to release negative stress, especially in the world right now,” says the head monk of the pagoda at Prek Svay – a small village that sits a 10-minute boat ride away on Koh Rong. “This is not only a blessing for the guests but for the whole world. It’s a bad situation, so we need positive energy and harmony in life.”

As a deeply Buddhist country, Cambodia is steeped in spirituality. For centuries, locals have flocked to the temples that dot the country to receive blessings during troubling times, to mark special occasions, and bring good fortune. It is this enchanting energy many guests seek to experience when visiting the country.

Sitting at the heart of Song Saa Private Island’s philosophy is providing a heavenly sanctuary where guests can escape and reconnect with nature. In line with this, the exclusive resort curates a series of special experiences that enable guests to rejuvenate, soak up the surrounding nature and immerse themselves in Cambodia’s rich culture.

“Song Saa is a true place of reflection and really draws people to think about where they are,” says general manager Donald Wong. “To enhance this, we offer spiritual experiences, which guests love to take part in. I think it touches them and whatever is happening in their lives.”

During a stay, guests can indulge in this sacred ritual while forging unforgettable memories. Complementing the spiritual experience is the tranquil tropical island’s understated lap of luxury hugged by a bounty of pristine tropical beauty.

“The monk blessing touches our guests in different ways depending on what we’ve organised for them,” Wong adds.  “When the monks are chanting, it’s a very moving, spiritual experience. All of this lends to us being something truly unique while also showcasing traditional Khmer culture.”

Whether it’s to renew vows on Song Saa’s powder white sands, celebrate a wedding next to the infinity pool that seemingly licks the sea, or to mark a milestone at Vista bar and restaurant delicately perched over calm waters, a monk blessing adds something truly special to the experience.

“We invest in creating memories and ensuring we leave a lasting impression on our guests,” says Donald. “At Song Saa, we want them to form a deep emotional attachment to their surroundings, the culture and the people; an attachment that lasts forever.”