Wednesday, 08 May 2019

Top 5 Best Activities You Can Do in Cambodia

Top 5 Best Activities You Can Do in Cambodia
When thinking of holidaying in Cambodia, one would probably conjure up images of the Angkor Wat or hardworking villagers in tropical environments instead of a luxurious private island. Whilst each has their own charm and appeal, for those looking for something a little more romantic, Song Saa is definitely a choice location to add to your itinerary for your next trip to Cambodia. 

Song Saa runs in its very own time zone and comprises two islands (Koh Ouen and Koh Bong) connected only by a footbridge, and is the only resort in Cambodia to feature over-water villas, each with their own private pools. 

Song Saa is recognized by National Geographic as a forerunner in sustainable tourism. Beyond having received a multitude of accolades from publications like Travel & Leisure, the luxury five-star island is also the very first government-recognized marine reserve! Covering an area of over five hectares of ocean, it is also devoted to creating a brighter future for Cambodia through numerous volunteer experiences the Song Saa Foundation

The resort is also all-inclusive, which means even though the initial price may seem quite hefty, you won’t have to worry about extra expenses whilst on the island! The motto of the island is “barefoot luxury”, and guests are encouraged to fully experience the fine sand without the constraints of shoes or sandals. 

There are a whole range of activities you could do on the island, but here are just 5 that we feel are the mention-worthy: 

1. Enjoy the in-villa movie experience 

You might feel like the whole point of coming all the way out to a luxurious island is to bask in the sun instead of staying cooped up in your room, but for those who prefer the indoors to outdoors or prefer to keep your skin safe from the harsh rays of the sun, this is an option you will probably greatly enjoy. 

The usual movie experience usually encompasses having to share the experience with noisy kids, PDA(public displays of affection) couples, or being unsure of the cleanliness standard of the theatre in general. You can throw all those worries out the window at Song Saa as they will give you a movie experience unlike any other. Have your villa turned into a private cinema for you and watch the movie of your choice with complimentary popcorn all from the comfort of your couch! 

2. Enjoy a dip with the marine life 

What better way to relish a holiday in the tropics than by experiencing a preserved reef? At Song Saa, because their prices are all-inclusive, enjoy snorkelling equipment provided at no extra cost. Having spent the past few years restoring their reefs, their waters are now teeming with a wide range of colourful tropical fish and vibrant thriving corals. For an experience unlike any other that can only be experienced in a few areas, with Song Saa being one of them, take a bioluminescence snorkel at night (we assure you it’s absolutely safe) and revel in the surreal phenomenon as the phytoplankton light up all around you as you freely move around in the water. 

Alternatively, or additionally, if you are a certified diver you could also send in a request to the resort prior to your arrival so that the resort’s Water Sports Manager can prepare to whisk you away to explore some of Cambodia’s finest diving sites after you reach the island. 

3. Explore the area via kayak 

As Song Saa is surrounded by water, what better way to explore the surroundings than with a kayak? Hop on one and take yourself on an adventure navigating around the many obscure coves and alluring bays in a simple yet somewhat altruistic way causing no harm to the environment. Paddle out and experience the beauty of Song Saa from a distance, or better yet, watch the breathtaking sunset and horizon from the comfort of your floating kayak. 

It would be best to book the activity of your choice in advance with their guest experience team to make sure that you can simply enjoy your holiday to the fullest! 

4. Be part of a conservation team 

Probably an activity one would never think to tie together with a luxury holiday, Song Saa has been dedicated to bettering the lives of Cambodian locals from the getgo, and this is just one of the ways you can witness their endeavour to contribute to the community first hand. Visit Prek Svay Village located on the adjacent Kho Rong island for a tour to see exactly how Song Saa has been supporting the local people, and if you wish to donate to their cause you can contact the Song Saa Foundation team to do so. 

5. Explore the island safari 

It’s always great fun for people of any age to explore new areas whether alone or with family and friends. If you’re travelling with family, kids of all ages will probably take much pleasure in the island nature treasure hunt, which features a trail leading up to the Discovery Centre where they will be able to uncover a ‘natural’ treasure waiting for them. 

Take part in a guided trip within the ‘sweetheart’ islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong by the conservation team. Learn not only about the local ecosystem, environment, and different species found on the island but also the conservation efforts taken to protect them. Set out from the Song Saa Private Island Discovery Centre and enjoy safari tailored for families, children, or adults. To find out more about Cambodia, check out your one-stop travel guide, Trip101

Guest post by Hannah Lim