Wednesday, 13 February 2019

A true Cambodian experience at Song Saa Spa

A true Cambodian experience at Song Saa Spa
A spa with no walls, Song Saa Private Island Spa is actually made up of little ‘sanctuaries’ dotted across the island resort. The wellness journey integrated within the scenic natural environment of the Koh Rong Archipelago features an outdoor spa sanctuary area, Sushumna, that overlooks Koh Bong Island and the ocean. The spa’s foundation is steeped deep in the Buddhist tradition of ‘Metta Bhavana’, or loving kindness. Inspired by the principles of reverence for all beings, Song Saa Sanctuaries uses sustainable and natural products from artisanal brands, including ‘ILa beauty, a UK brand.

Discerning guests seeking a holistic spa experience will delight in Song Saa Sanctuaries’ wellness offerings. Centered around the key energy channels of the body, these Cambodian spa treatments are carefully crafted in three branches; Stillness Treatments which aims to guide guests back to their center with tranquility, Healing Treatments which provide a channel for spa goers to achieve awareness of the body, and Blessing Treatments which seeks to nourish and revitalise visitors. At Song Saa, our concierges are tasked with our guests utmost comfort, and will greet each guest in person to fully understand their needs and preferences before recommending a treatment. Catering to the thorough rejuvenation of guests, each treatment comes with a complete spa ritual and individual treatments, with the option of a night and in-villa spa available.

A good facial should — and does — speak for itself, and among the most popular face therapy treatments at the hotel resort spa is the Rainforest Facial. Often referred to as the ‘anti-aging’ facial, this 75-minute therapy uses raw ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest to support and encourage the skin’s natural regeneration. Suitable for all skin types, the Cambodian resort spa utilises facial massage techniques, scrubs, rehydration masques, eye serums, and luxurious moisturising creams to hydrate and reinvigorate the skin.

Facial therapies aside, massage therapies are hot ticket items at Song Saa Sanctuaries. This Cambodian spa hosts an array of massages that will have you marvelling at the magic that is an elegantly executed massage. Stillness Treatments such as the Karuna Kaya Massage allows for the realignment of the body’s meridians and the relaxing of muscular systems for smoother energy flow around the body. Other treatments such as the Metta Massage and the Manipura Massage utilise traditional poultices aimed at re-energising the body through purification and restoration of energy in the body. Guests looking for a more invigorating therapy can opt for the Kundalini Back Massage or the Swedish Massage which relieves muscle aches and pains.

No Cambodian spa is complete without a quintessential local offering, and for that Song Saa Sanctuaries has the Khmer Traditional Spa and Massage. Employing Khmer leaf herbal compresses, the body is first massaged using traditional techniques to eliminate stress and restore energy with the rich herbal oils. The bundles are then gently heated and applied to specific areas of the body. Some of the traditional Khmer Spa / Wellness offerings available include Khmer Wedding Ritual, Traditional Khmer Reflexology, Traditional Khmer Head Massage, Coconut Champi Head Massage, and Buddhist Monk Blessings.

As the wellness journey is achieved through the balance of both body and mind, the Cambodian spa retreat offers a vast range of curated services ranging from express facials, holistic manicures and pedicures, to yoga and meditation therapies. For guests seeking a bespoke wellness journey, speak with the spa and wellness team to create a dream package.

Song Saa Private Island offers a wealth of introspective experiences, with Song Saa Sanctuaries being its crown jewel. With traditional Khmer therapists, internationally trained wellness experts, yogis, and meditation gurus, Song Saa Sanctuaries practitioners are well equipped to provide guests with an experience to remember. To find out more about the stunning private island hotel resort spa, visit the Song Saa Private Island’s website.