Wednesday, 09 January 2019

Song Saa An Extra-ordinary Honeymoon Paradise

Song Saa An Extra-ordinary Honeymoon Paradise
A romantic honeymoon holiday is often portrayed as a remote, private location that blends a closeness to nature with simple luxuries. Song Saa Private Island strives to perfect such a romantic experience, and is the first luxury ecotourism destination in Cambodia. Song Saa, by its very definition, dedicates itself not only to be the penultimate luxury holiday destination, but to also preserve and protect the surrounding Koh Rong Archipelago. 

Song Saa Private Island reflects the beauty of Cambodia, and is built from local materials, by local hands, and infused with local art and soul. An evolved tropical getaway with a pristine private beach, spacious wooden villas, heavenly spa sanctuaries and a preserved coral reef, Song Saa Private Island lets you detach from the world and tune in to simple luxuries.

The luxury island getaway offers both ocean views as well as a closeness to the untouched beauty of the island’s jungles. Song Saa’s Villas are nestled in a private section on the shoreline, featuring spacious modern spaces with eco-friendly amenities, all built from recycled materials. Each villa features an idyllic private infinity pool and shaded sundeck with a plush canopy daybed. The villas are also fitted with outdoor showers, a linen-draped canopy bed, and an L-shaped sofa to take in the breathtaking view around the island. Perfect for lovers and lazy days. 

Luxurious villas aside, what makes Song Saa Private Island a truly indulgent romantic getaway is the level of service provided by its staff. Song Saa staff are almost entirely made up of ever-smiling locals who are dying to share the land’s rich and diverse culture. All guests at Song Saa are not only greeted by ground staff, but are also personally met by upper management, who take the initiative to introduce themselves and are always willing to listen to guest feedback.

Song Saa Private Island offers honeymooners a wide variety of indulgent experiences, beginning with a stunning honeymoon room preparation. Resort staff organise a special arrangements and decorations to set a romantic honeymoon off to the start it deserves. To kick off the getaway, couples should unwind and destress via a couple’s massage at the Sumsuna indoor Spa Sanctuary, or even watch their favourite movie under the setting sun or starry sky. Outdoor cinema experiences can be arranged at Driftwood Bar & Kitchen on certain nights, including popcorn, ice cream and drinks.

For the more adventurous, Song Saa Private Island organises an exploration of the beautiful Koh Rong Archipelago via a romantic sunset cruise on a traditional Cambodian fishing boat. This sunset, champagne and finger food experience affords couples a stunning dusk view of the nearby islands and a stunning natural canvas. The adventure on Song Saa Private Island doesn’t end there, with resort staff also ready to prepare snorkeling gear for curious couples to explore the marine environment around the island. Guests are encouraged to take in the stunning and brimming-with-life coral reefs enveloping the island.

A perfect honeymoon must be complemented by a memorable dining experience. At Song Saa Private Island, luxury dining is taken one step further. The first culinary option is the resort’s primary restaurant, Vista Bar and Restaurant. The eatery features oversized bean bags and a breezy waterfront view that is nothing short of spectacular. The menu champions expertly prepared local ingredients and Khmer flavours, alongside inventive renditions of Western comfort dishes. All breads are baked onsite, salads delicately put together, and seafood are freshly caught by local fishermen. Closer to the beach is Driftwood, offering diners a unique beachside picnic experience, with a bountiful selection of drinks as perfect accompaniments.

The Cambodian honeymoon resort also offers guests a unique opportunity to dine anywhere they see fit, be it under a starlit sky or on a pristine patch of jungle. Guests merely need to pick a location, and helpful staff will make that dream a dining experience like no other. The perfect end to a romantic honeymoon can be had through Song Saa’s lantern wishing ceremony, in which lanterns are released into the night sky with the couple's wishes and messages of hope.

There are few romantic holiday destinations that live up to the uniqueness and closeness to nature offered by Song Saa Private Island. The archipelago’s rich culture and scenic views are sure to ignite a spark of love bound to last the test of time. To learn more about Song Saa Private Island, explore more through our website.