Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Song Saa Dining and Experience

Song Saa Dining and Experience

Song Saa Private Island strives to be the embodiment of sustainable tourism. The ecotourism holiday destination epitomises sustainability and localism by committing to preserve the lush natural beauty of the Koh Rong Archipelago while supporting local communities in the process. 

This ethos of sustainability gave birth to the Song Saa food concept, leaning on locally inspired global cuisine made with the freshest, locally produced ingredients in the region. Song Saa Private Island takes pride in its culinary experiences, with guests ensured a meal to remember, be it seated in a cosy restaurant, or by the beach. 

For the discerning guest, Vista Restaurant and Lounge is the ideal culinary experience, offering popular international dishes with an authentic Khmer twist. The subtle yet discernible introduction of Khmer ingredients and techniques add a new dimension to popular dishes, indulging all your senses in the process. Vista Restaurant and Lounge relies on sustainable food sources, staunchly practicing the garden-to-plate philosophy. 

Chefs handpick dozens of ingredients such as galangal, holy basil, birdʼs eye, chilli, mint, coriander, lemongrass, aloe vera, local basil, turmeric, and moringa from the resort’s self-sustaining gardens. The restaurant also leans on local communities to source clean, ethically-farmed meat. However, Vista Restaurant and Lounge also provides ample options for vegetarians and vegans, and even caters to more uncommon dietary requirements.

Guests on the lookout for casual beachside refreshments are encouraged to drop by Driftwood , Song Saa Private Island’s very own beachside bar hideout. Become a Regular and come to soak up the sun and the beautiful sunset, accompanied by cocktails and savoury nibbles. Driftwood features a variety of coconut-based drinks, and sources all its coconuts from the island and its neighbours. 

In line with local customs, traditional coconut harvesting methods are practised to ensure no harm befalls the trees or surrounding vegetation. Song Saa Private Island believes in minimising the use of plastic, with Driftwood being no different. All straws are made of bamboo and are sourced through the local community, in line with the resort’s vision of sustainability and local community development.

Restaurants and bars aside, Song Saa Private Island boasts a unique Destination dining experience. This bespoke experience allows guests to choose any location in the resort to dine at; be in on the beach, by the infinity pool, or the resort’s multiple hidden enclaves. Guests merely need to pick a location, and helpful staff will work hard to ensure a dining experience like no other. 

A popular choice among guests is often seafood, which comes as no surprise, being an island resort. All Song Saa Private Island seafood is fresh and locally-sourced, primarily through partnerships with a small number of local fishermen who have adopted sustainable fishing methods. The resort often offers barracuda, squid, and crabs for a seafood barbecue Destination Dining experience.

While sustainability is a common buzzword in multiple industries, it takes years of dedication and investment to truly run and maintain an endeavour like the Song Saa Private Island. The ecotourism resort almost wholly relies on sustainable agriculture, sustainable fishing methods, and sustainable produce sourcing. Every day, the team works on fine-tuning and improving daily processes to reduce the sustainable tourism resort’s environmental impact, all while nurturing local communities. To learn more about Song Saa Private Island and its stunning resort, visit the official website.